With the growing popularity of positive reinforcement-based dog training, there's an increasing popularity of criticizing the use of positive reinforcement. And truthfully, it isn't all unfounded because there can be a huge variability in people's results when they choose not to use physical corrections or verbal intimidation in their dog training. I’m addressing the criticism with a look at 5 different scenarios where dogs get rewarded for things you don’t want, and how using the magic question “what was that cookie for?” can fast track success and turn unwanted behaviors around.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The growing popularity and criticism of positive reinforcement in dog training.
  • What variables affect the effectiveness in dog training.
  • The pivotal question that can transform your approach to dog training.
  • What “choice point” is in dog training.
  • Five scenarios illustrating different reinforcement situations and their implications.
  • What the 5 categories of reinforcements are and knowing what your dog loves.
  • The impact of reinforcement on both the dog's behavior and the trainer's actions.
  • Why negative reinforcement is the silent killer of dreams.
  • How to be intentional, clear, and purposeful when reinforcing desired behaviors.
  • About asking the magic question “what was that cookie for?”.

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