I love kids, especially those who are keen on training dogs, so when a 10th grader named Finya sent me some wonderful positive reinforcement dog training questions for a school assignment, I said, “Let’s go!” Today I’m answering her questions about shock collars, eCollars, other aversives in agility training, training dog sport champions using only positive reinforcement, plus the importance of mentors, empathy and why dog trainers should keep egos in check for our students. You’ll also hear three critical tips to troubleshoot your positive reinforcement training plan when stuck.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My answers and advice for an aspiring positive reinforcement trainer and agility competitor.
  • The benefits of positive reinforcement dog training over other methodologies.
  • Why we don’t punish or unleash frustration when dogs make mistakes.
  • My thoughts on which dog training tools and techniques constitute abuse.
  • Why some people perceive dog agility training as animal abuse.
  • The importance of empathy for the plight of all sentient beings.
  • My thoughts on those who employ shock collars, prongs and other aversives.
  • Why making people feel judged shuts them down to learning.
  • My checklist for when dog training doesn’t go as planned.
  • The importance of having a respected and trustworthy dog training mentor.


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