Recently, a professional dog trainer told me her favorite Shaped by Dog episode is 16, where I explain the simple concept of “antecedent arrangements” as one of the most effective, animal behavior science solutions to ANY dog training problem. Although it’s an all-time favorite of my students and dog training professionals, it’s a hidden gem to the general public. So, I’m revisiting the topic of how to increase brilliant dog behavior – while decreasing undesired ones – with one easy focus shift. As my mentor, Bob Bailey, says, “When dog training is right, it’s easy.” Enjoy this game changer!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to increase desired dog behaviors while reducing unwanted ones.
  • The ABC’s of learned behaviors in the animal kingdom.
  • What some dog owners and trainers focus on to fix behaviors.
  • Why “get a bigger meatball” and punishment don’t work in dog training.
  • That knowing “the thing before the thing” is your dog training salvation.
  • What “antecedent arrangements” are in triggering behavior.
  • The stimuli that make a behavior desirable for dogs.
  • Why lure training makes dog behavior a negotiation rather than a desire.
  • What sensory stimuli get attached to behavior triggers.
  • The importance of training in different environments at different times.
  • Why varying your dog’s daily routine is ideal.
  • How past experiences influence a dog’s emotional state.
  • About your dog’s motivations and distractions.
  • An example of how to stop counter surfing.
  • How “ItsYerChoice” teaches dogs to choose the right behavior.
  • About incompatible behaviors.
  • What “Hot Zones” are and how they help your dog choose wisely.
  • When dog training is right, it’s easy.

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