How many thresholds does your dog cross a day? It could be a physical or emotional threshold. Training thresholds are important to understand, and thresholds can explain why some dogs seem anxious and refuse to budge, and others get way overexcited. I’ve got tips to help dogs with balancing emotions to cross any type of threshold with calm, thoughtful focus. You’ll also get a peek at what I discovered about my puppy Prophet’s excitement with a see-saw and how I'm counterconditioning the stimulus.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About understanding thresholds as emotional states that dogs experience.
  • The different types of thresholds: positive, neutral, and unpleasant.
  • Examples of thresholds such as entering new environments, or going to specific places like a training class or vet's office.
  • The importance of observing and managing a dog's emotional state when crossing thresholds.
  • Strategies for managing extreme reactions at thresholds, such as overexcitement or fear.
  • How to implement relaxation protocols and counter conditioning to create a more desirable behavior.
  • Why you need patience and consistency in training to modify a dog's response to thresholds over time.
  • My puppy Prophet’s See-Saw (Teeter) obsession and counterconditioning the stimulus.
  • What to do for calm, focused behavior when crossing thresholds.
  • The importance of being present and proactive in managing thresholds and behaviors.