Dog training by nature is quite nuanced. Now, there are behaviors that everyone can get at some level with their dogs, like sit and down and fetch, but to get really brilliant behaviors, we need to understand the nuances. The really good news is that even if you’ve never trained a dog before, you can get this dialed in, and I’m covering what to look for with Hot Zone training as an example and have practical tips for you to try right away.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why understanding dog training nuances is important.
  • About the nuances in the release process of duration behaviors for dogs.
  • A recent scenario involving the Hot Zone and the nuance I found missing.
  • Why dogs relaxing in their Hot Zone is important.
  • Tips to try when playing the Hot Zone game with your dog.
  • Why to notice everything that reinforces your dog, including cues.
  • What to do when your dog leaves the Hot Zone without a release.
  • Nuances you could be missing and how to build your dog’s understanding.

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