Does your dog get hyper and lose focus the closer they get to something really exciting? You are not alone, and I have a training plan to help you create calm and focus for over-the-top dogs. I’m covering why dogs can get out of control near things they love and what to do about it when you want to be a positive reinforcement-based dog trainer. Plus, you’ll get the steps to play the Threshold Game with a case study of a very excited young dog who visits me with my friend.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why we can’t rely on cheese alone.
  • The difference between transactional and relational dog training.
  • Why dogs get out of control as they get nearer to exciting things.
  • A review of the ABC to solve dog training problems: antecedent, behavior, consequence.
  • The example of puppy Prophet at the store for creating positive experiences for dogs.
  • How good triggers and games help dogs change their emotional state.
  • The Threshold Game training plan to calm dogs down so they focus on you.
  • About mixing up reinforcement and progressing the Threshold Game.

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