Does your dog greet you, or anyone at your door, over enthusiastically? Does it seem like your dog might have excessive greeting disorder? You might love your dog’s exuberance but wish it would only show when appropriate. Help is at hand for you, your visitors, and your dog to create calm greetings.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About your daily routine, when it's dog time and when it's not.
  • How dogs pick up patterns of reinforcement quickly.
  • My routines and the reactions of my dogs.
  • What your dog notices about what you do in daily life.
  • Why dogs anticipate and how that creates excitement.
  • The predictions your dog makes that create over enthusiastic greetings.
  • About being intentional with the triggers you have for "dog time".
  • Why we want calm arrivals and departures for our dog.
  • An easy way to help your guests help your dog with greetings.