Ever wondered if your puppy's behavior is normal or cause for concern? From biting to lunging, fearing to growling, chasing, chewing and more, it can be hard to know what's normal and what's not. There’s a range of behaviors that people might consider problems, but many really are normal, and they can vary based on a puppy's breed, upbringing, and individual quirks. I've got insights and practical tips for understanding and action-taking on common puppy behavior problems, and more.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The wide range of normal puppy behaviors.
  • Breed differences and their impact on behavior.
  • The factors influencing puppy behavior: breed, upbringing, individual quirks.
  • 2 puppy fear periods and their impact on behavior.
  • Personal experiences with my own puppies and behavior challenges.
  • Strategies for managing and helping your puppy.
  • Importance of understanding and responding to puppy fear and anxiety.
  • What not to do when addressing puppy behavior issues.
  • Why to be curious, compassionate, confident, and concerned.
  • Games for building puppy confidence.
  • Tips for introducing puppies to new environments and managing triggers.
  • Importance of seeking professional help for extreme behavior issues.

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