As we wind down the year, we’re looking at the most popular Shaped by Dog podcasts over the last 12 months, and they are all about dog training. The episodes on leash walking, puppy biting, helping dogs with reactivity or resource guarding, and dogs jumping up on people have been at the top of your playlists.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The number one dog training podcast of the year.
  • A review of my top tips for loose leash walking with your dog.
  • About how our Do-Land dog training approach is a layered.
  • More on dogs jumping up on people and how that relates to kids hugging.
  • Why everything that’s important with our dogs is worth our time.
  • How behaviour and confidence in dogs will either grow or erode.
  • The reason we need to be consistently consistent for our dogs.
  • Why puppies bite and how play helps them understand rules.
  • My most favourite episode of the year and why I’d love everyone to listen.
  • Why to have to do list that includes playing with your dog.
  • That we’re grateful to you for tuning in to Shaped by Dog!

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