We're talking dogs with my friend, UK’s Kamal Fernandez, elite dog sports coach and competitor, international seminar presenter, author, featured dog trainer on TV shows 'Dogs Might Fly' and 'The Dog Academy' and one of my long-time online students. We're chatting about the essential things anyone with a dog needs to know. The tips are the same for companion dogs through to those wanting to train for world-level dog sports competitions. Enjoy this extract from our livestream celebrating 200 episodes of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Insights on everything reinforcing for dogs and how it can work for or against us.
  • Why labels about dogs can hold us back and limit what our dogs can achieve.
  • The power of five-minute dog training sessions vs. long time-consuming classes.
  • Examples of unknowingly rewarding problem dog behaviors.
  • Examples of transferring value from what a dog loves to what we want them to do.
  • How tapping into a dog’s unique needs will bring training results.
  • Why Kamal’s dog training superpowers are empathy and humor.
  • That dogs are always doing the best they can in circumstances outside their control.
  • Why truly positive reinforcement-based dog trainers become positive reinforcement-based people.

Catch the 200 Episodes Celebration Replay and After Party Opportunities


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