I’m answering your questions on dog agility training, helping anxious, aggressive, and fearful dogs, crate training, dog ears, junior handlers, my daily routine, managing canine pain, socializing puppies, and so much more. Hear how I got my start in professional dog training and what’s most essential for me in my relationship with my dogs.

In this episode I’m asked:

  • Advice for pet-sitting a seemingly aggressive dog.
  • What my competitive dog sport goals are for This!.
  • About my daily and nightly routines and habits for sleep, dog training, fitness, and centering.
  • If I use target mats for training running contacts.
  • The relationship essentials for my dogs.
  • About when pain changes a dog’s behavior.
  • My unlikely origin story as a dog trainer.
  • How to introduce puppies to other dogs.
  • What junior agility handlers can do to excel.
  • About my Border Collies’ prick ears.
  • Advice for nervous and/or reactive dogs in competitive sports.
  • About the brilliant behaviors and skills dogs learn in Recallers.
  • How my sport-mix puppy, Belief, differs from my Border Collies.
  • How to overcome separation anxiety in dogs and the protocols to use.
  • How playing Crate Games helps dogs love their kennel; and more!