There are 14 canine myths commonly accepted as truths and I’m doing some serious debunking to separate fact from fiction. For example, have you heard the myth about “Doodles never shed”? It's a myth because it's genetics. If you breed a shedding breed to a non-shedding breed, we can't predict what we're going to get. Don’t miss this one, because I’m “shedding” even more light on popular lore about dogs that too many people still believe. Enjoy!

In this episode we’re mythbusting:

  • Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.
  • Puppies outgrow naughty behavior.
  • Show your dog who's the boss, alpha, pack leader.
  • Begin puppy training at six months old.
  • Dogs defy, grow stubborn or ignore you near tempting distractions.
  • Feeding scared dogs rewards fear.
  • Wagging tails means happy dogs.
  • Yawning dogs are tired dogs.
  • Good dogs tolerate children.
  • Puppies love hugs and cuddles.
  • Dogs only see in black and white.
  • Dogs admit they’re wrong with guilty looks.
  • Rescue dogs are damaged.
  • Two puppies provide companionship for one another

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