Social media sensation and protection dog trainer Matt Folsom of Modern Malinois, joins me to chat about dog training. Matt is a skilled trainer dedicated to continual growth and uses luring to achieve brilliant results. Although we approach dog training with different methods for different reasons, including how our minds work, we have mutual respect and a lot in common in the way we create a great relationship with dogs and use the things individual dogs love as reinforcers. Enjoy this extract from our livestream celebrating 200 episodes of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why I want you to meet my friend Matt Folsom of Modern Malinois, master protection dog trainer.
  • How Matt’s autism and my dyslexia influence our approaches to dog training, including luring vs. shaping.
  • The difference between Matt’s luring mastery compared to typical luring and how he fades the lure.
  • Matt’s philosophy on raising puppies, including why he does not want a professional puppy but a professionally trained adult dog.
  • Our shared philosophy on relationship first and using what a dog loves most to create brilliant behavior.
  • Why to push the boundaries when training dogs for their benefit.
  • About Matt’s commitment to continually improving dog training and leaving tools like prong collars behind.
  • Insight on a training game that makes people say WOW and how it creates a dopamine release for dogs.

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