As a professional dog trainer, I can assure you there are six words that your dog training coach never wants to hear. You might think those words are "but he does it at home," and that's close, but they are actually "tired that and it didn't work". We're covering what's going on with those words for you, your dog, and your coach and how to turn it around. Considering alternative dialogues promotes critical thinking and keeps communications open.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What to consider when your dog doesn't respond to training methods.
  • Why anyone can call themselves a professional dog trainer.
  • What Bob Bailey says about anyone being able to train anything given enough time.
  • That when you say, "it didn't work," you might be shaping your coach.
  • A better strategy that you can use to get great feedback.
  • That none of us know what our dogs are thinking.
  • Why you want a conversation based on intentionally clear statements and questions.
  • What tactics help if you are the coach hearing "it doesn't work".
  • Why dog trainers should consider their role and goal with students.
  • That we need to be more intentional about the action we are taking.