Trick or Treat! It’s almost Halloween and although not every country celebrates it, I want to suggest a dog training plan-a-palooza to prep for holidays and celebrations no matter where you live. Halloween and similar events can be scary and dangerous for dogs! I’m sharing common but deadly candy ingredients your dog must avoid, why you shouldn’t take most dogs trick-or-treating and how to prevent reactivity and anxiety when spooky, costumed strangers knock and ding at your door.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My Halloween dog training plan challenge.
  • Candy ingredients that are deadly to dogs.
  • Why we shouldn’t take dogs trick-or-treating (not including service dogs).
  • How costumed people appear to dogs.
  • Tips to reduce anxiety for your dog during Halloween.
  • Why you should never take puppies trick or treating.
  • Why Halloween is a great time to dog train if they enjoy participating.
  • How to condition your dog to Halloween costumes and decorations.
  • Why ItsYerChoice is great to stop dogs from stealing candy.
  • Why playing Crate Games creates a strong Hot Zone behavior.
  • How Hot Zone allows your dog to join in Halloween safely.
  • About Halloween costumes for dogs.
  • Tricks for your dog to entertain guests from the Hot Zone.

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