I get a lot of questions about my dogs, and we’re covering some of your most popular. Have you ever wondered why our rescue Bulldog mix, Tater-Salad, is the “fall guy”? Or which one of my dogs is the smartest (the answer is NOT who you might think it is)? Do you wonder how to select a dog training class or what to do when you have a male dog and your female dog is in season? I’m answering those questions and more!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About Tater’s secret life as an actor.
  • Which one of my dogs is the smartest.
  • What dog sport I would do if I didn’t compete in dog agility.
  • Where my dogs sleep at night and how often I feed my dogs.
  • Why naughty is in the eye of the beholder and how often I train my dogs.
  • Why you don’t want to know how much it costs to breed dogs.
  • The favorite activities my dogs enjoy and what I think is the best number of dogs.
  • Why my first dog was a Terrier.
  • The biggest challenges I’ve had training.
  • If my dogs have dewclaws.
  • The three words I’ve never say about dogs.
  • What I look for when I go to a training class.
  • My favorite qualities of my dogs.
  • Why I do jump grids for agility.
  • The challenges I add when building a dog training skill.
  • How I select a breeder and what I do when my female dogs are in season.
  • That my agility dogs do not fast before competition.
  • My observations about social learning in dogs and borrowing confidence.
  • Why Tater came to live with us.