I’ve done several episodes on puppy biting, but my new Border Collie, Prophet, is one of the bitiest I’ve ever owned. Today I’m expanding on how to save your feet and hands from puppy teeth with the top ten reasons puppies bite, the biggest mistakes we make during puppy biting, and a preventative action plan for puppy biting I’ve never shared before. Plus, a great new Plan B game for when the puppy is actively biting you. Remember that most biting and nipping is natural as puppies explore new environments with their mouths, so have realistic expectations for your new family member.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why puppies bite and games to get you through this phase.
  • The 10 reasons puppies bite.
  • How to manage your puppy biting expectations.
  • Tips to build your puppy’s brain, body and connection with you.
  • Mistakes puppy owners make that increase puppy biting.
  • My Puppy Biting Prevention Protocol.
  • How to play the Consent & Console Game to mitigate puppy biting.

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