My dog won’t take treats outside! Is that something you’ve ever said or heard? We’re looking at the challenge of a dog refusing treats as a case study, as training will be so much easier if your dog loves food, especially if you are working on things like loose leash walking or helping your dog with reactivity. I’ve got an outside the box training plan for you to get your dog loving treats no matter where you are.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The physical reasons a dog might be refusing to take food treats and why to rule them out.
  • How not taking food could be a habit for a dog and related to their emotional state.
  • Why reinforcers lose or gain value in different environments.
  • That getting a bigger meatball is not always the answer.
  • Why feeding dogs should be an event and what to notice about your dog’s weight.
  • About rating all of the treats that you can give your dog and different foods to try.
  • The steps for testing treat values in different rooms and times of the day.
  • About creating positive triggers for your dog that are exciting.
  • How to transition using treats from indoors to the outdoors incrementally.
  • What your dog’s physiology has to do with treats and how you can change it.
  • What you need to do before you can start counterconditioning anything.
  • Why training isn’t about work but building deeper bonds with dogs.