Everything I train dogs to do, I do in the form of a game. We have a mantra around here that “work = play and play = work.” You can minimize the time you need for dog training by keeping this mantra in mind and noticing what your dog loves!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About Tater’s love of watermelon and being in the sun.
  • What my Terrier Twister would do on a chair.
  • How dogs do what is reinforcing and show us where the value is for them.
  • What Tater does going out the door and why he might not go for a morning walk.
  • About substitute consent and our dogs best interests.
  • What competing values are for us and how that applies to dogs.
  • How This! showed me her competing value when we are outside.
  • What to do about your dog’s competing values.
  • Why food, toys, activities, permission and our attention can all be reinforcing.
  • The things dogs do that make me laugh.
  • What Feature does at the built-in crates when it’s feeding time.
  • How I have rules so my dogs can have the best life ever.