Feeding dogs raw food and how to train with raw fed dogs are topics I get asked to talk about a lot! I’m covering how I use raw food to my dog training advantage and how I plan what food I’m using when and where. Even if you don’t feed raw, the tips on type of treats for dogs and using treats for training is for everyone.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What it's like training your dogs when you're a raw feeder.
  • The detailed strategy I use when I'm planning my training.
  • Why I decided to feed my dogs raw 25 years ago.
  • Good practices when preparing raw.
  • 3 resources to get started on raw feeding.
  • My thoughts on kibble.
  • How to train as a raw feeder.
  • Two recipes for dog treats that my dogs love.
  • What to avoid when buying prepared dog treats.
  • Why dog training with raw food is an advantage.

Get the PDF with the two recipes shared in this episode:

Resources :

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