Non-Reward Markers have long been used in dog training, but are they really necessary? And what drives our choice to use an NRM? A NRM, sometimes called a No Reward Marker, could be a word people use to freeze a dog from making a poor choice during training or even be something like, “ah”, “no”, “hey”, “stop”. I’m covering how things have changed for me and the use of Non-Reward Markers over the years and what we can do instead.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why to consider the balance of compassion and ambition.
  • About the impact of using non-reward markers in dog training.
  • Why to use the ABC model to create clarity for dogs.
  • Personal experiences with my dogs over the years.
  • Why manipulating the environment sets dogs up for shaping success.
  • How making a small shift in dog training prevents frustration.
  • Why to play the "Muffin Tin Game" and how it encourages dogs to offer behaviors.
  • About considering experimental design and set up.

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