Sometimes people think training dogs with positive reinforcement requires a huge time investment. It’s a myth. My students play quick training games to build skills fast with layers. But don’t take it from me. Meet Natalia Nizker, a full-time elementary school teacher and non-profit rescue volunteer with three young boys, two young dogs (a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois), and one husband. Natalia is also a trick dog trainer in her spare time!
Natalia has tips on fitting dog training time into a busy life and how understanding layered learning leads to well- behaved dogs. Enjoy this extract from our livestream celebrating 200 episodes of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That training with positive reinforcement can fit into daily life.
  • How dog training games are perfect for busy lives and happy dogs.
  • Hacks for fitting dog training into full schedules.
  • How training with layered shaping becomes part of daily life.
  • About introducing a new puppy with household harmony in mind.
  • How trick training can boost a dog’s confidence and deepen your bond.
  • Why all dog training is essentially trick training.
  • How to choose games to play with your dog in stressful environments.

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