Does your dog sometimes seem to be out of control? Do you sometimes think your dog is untrainable? Does your dog not appear to listen to you? I believe that dog training is like having a conversation with a friend. The challenges with that conversation happen if we don’t like the answer our friend is giving us, and we end up trying to change the question.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The conversations we have with our dogs.
  • Why we might keep saying to our dog, “sit, sit, Sit, SIT!” and its origins.
  • About the four questions to ask when training your dog.
  • How our dogs show us the only things we can control are our choices.
  • Why we miss our dog’s responses to our questions.
  • The two reasons our dogs are not doing what we ask.
  • What brings out our dog’s confidence.
  • Why the use of reinforcement is something I have been studying for over 25 years.
  • What my EGTT acronym stands for and how we could use PLAY instead.
  • About establishing, growing, transferring and testing value in dog training.
  • Why jumping straight from knowing the value to testing the value does not work.
  • The conversations I’m having with my puppy, This!, about tugging near other dogs.