Puppies pee for one of three reasons; they might have a bladder infection, their bladder is full and they need to relieve themselves, or they pee because they are excited or a little bit afraid and don’t even realize they are doing it! Often puppies pee when they greet people, and it’s not a conscious choice on their part. It’s not a housebreaking issue and has nothing to do with potty training. We’re talking about overexcited peeing and submissive urination and what you can do to help your puppy or dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That excited or submissive urination comes from emotions and your puppy is not aware they are peeing.
  • Why your dog peeing in excitement or fear has nothing to do with house training.
  • How helping your puppy starts with building their confidence.
  • The factors contributing to submissive urination including tone of voice, eye contact and body movement.
  • How it could happen when you force your puppy to do something when they are not ready.
  • The seven ways you can prepare for excited or submissive urination and what not to do.
  • Why to practice calm greetings with your puppy or dog.
  • About the two different approaches to take to fix your puppy’s unconscious elimination.
  • How to change your puppy’s focus with a quick fix and toys or treats at your door.
  • About the empowering fix to grow your puppy’s confidence.
  • Why to create a new trigger for your puppy and how your visitors can help with calm greetings.
  • The reason to practice my greet and re-greet protocol to rehearse success.


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