If you have ever wondered why I don’t teach my dogs to “watch me”, how I end a training session, or my thoughts on treat bags, today is the day. I’m answering some of your popular dog training questions! We’re also looking at how to avoid puppies chewing up their beds and training dogs who don’t like food or toys.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why I have attention from my dogs without training “watch me” or “look at me”.
  • How “watch me” can be misused and why that reinforces what you don’t want.
  • When I wear a bait pouch, why I don’t use one too often, and where I keep treats.
  • How to avoid a puppy chewing up a bed and the protocol I use with my puppies.
  • About reinforcement and training dogs who don’t like food or toys.
  • How to build excitement and value for food for dogs.
  • How I end a training session with my dogs.
  • Why I think of training as relationship building and deepening the bond with my dogs.
  • How dog training relates to conversations we have with people.