Have you ever thought about why we own dogs really? What is the main benefit? That’s on my mind, and your reasons might be like mine … dogs are companions and make our lives better. We have a relationship with our dogs. So why do we call the way we relate to our companions “training”? We don’t think of our relationships with the people in our life as “training”, so why do we “dog train”?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The way I look at my relationship with my dogs.
  • My goal for “dog training” my dogs.
  • How we all want to make the best decisions for our dogs.
  • Why I bit my tongue during a dinner party conversation.
  • About creating safety and control.
  • How our dog’s have free will.
  • Why our responses to our dog’s choices matter.
  • What the “inner freak flag” is in our dogs.
  • About honouring who our dog is and how it can enhance our lives.
  • How I use my dogs strengths in the sport of agility.
  • The conscious choices we need to make for our dogs.