Resource Guarding between dogs is a big topic. It’s also one of the most requested for me to cover on my podcast. Over the past week, my six month old puppy has started attacking some of the other dogs in my household over resources. It’s a good time for me to share what I am doing to help This! overcome possession aggression around resources, particularly food. Yes, even professional dog trainers experience challenges to work through.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the two forms of resource guarding, against humans and against dogs.
  • Why dogs resource guard.
  • What I’ve seen with my puppy This! guarding resources against other dogs.
  • The signs to look for that show a dog could be resource guarding.
  • My previous experiences with my dogs and resource guarding.
  • The two approaches to take and why one can result in an all-out aggressive dog.
  • What NOT to do about resource guarding.
  • The reason discipline and corrections are like putting gasoline on a fire.
  • About fear periods in puppies and why to stay grounded and calm.
  • The reason to get appropriate help from a qualified Veterinary Behaviorist.
  • What I am doing about resource guarding to help my puppy.
  • How I am journaling what happens every day, the good and not so good.
  • About identifying and removing triggers and creating a safe environment.
  • Why to keep your dog under threshold.
  • All the elements to help your dog and why to email us about joining Recallers.


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